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Matcha waiting for? Antoinette Has Launched 22 Matcha Creations

We tried them all and these are our favourites

By Samantha Francis; Photos: Courtesy of Antoinette

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Truth is, matcha is no newfangled flavour. Powered whole green-tea leaves have been adored for centuries, thanks to its distinctively bittersweet, refined taste as well as health benefits.

Antoinette is shining the spotlight on this well loved flavour all over again, by rolling out 22 matcha creations including hot items, cakes, pastries, confectionery and drinks as part of Chef Pang’s Fetish Matcha campaign from now till end July.

In his words: “These fetish campaigns allow me to explore the potential of each ingredient to its limits.”

We ate our way through the whopping line up, and here’s what stood out for us:

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