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RAS Epicurean Awards presents the best of Singapore

Have you visited all of these restaurants? Restaurant Association of Singapore gathers the best in Singapore – we break it down for you

Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) unveils its first consumer-centric publication, ‘Singapore’s Top 50 Favourite Western and Asian Restaurants as Recommended by Restaurateurs, Chefs & Foodies’ at the annual Epicurean Star Award gala dinner. Comprising a total of 100 restaurants, the list is recommended by 50 movers and shakers from the F&B industry and social influencers.

To make your food adventures easier, we go through the list for you and give you our comments on whether or not these award-winning restaurants are indeed worth a visit.

Best Cafe Award

Winner: d’Good Cafe

d’Good Cafe is incredibly commendable for their decor – have you seen their fancy porch-swings and fairytale-like rooftop dining area? But to be honest, the food is nothing to rave about. I have tried their pasta twice and while it is deeply satisfying, I would not go so far as to call it the best. Still, they are high on the throne when it comes to interior decor.

Thumbs up for the convenient location!

Best Gastro-Pub Award

Winner: Timbre @ The Arts House

We think Timbre @ The Arts House takes the crown because of their lovely location by the river and their unbeatable pizzas. Most pubs focus more on their drinks menu and put less thought into their food menu. Timbre is one of the handful of places that excels at both.

Roasted Duck Pizza, anyone?

Best Buffet Award

Winner: Edge from Pan Pacific Singapore

We are in full agreement. Thinking about Edge is getting me hungry right now.

Best Western Casual Dining Award

Winner: Marmalade Pantry

I sincerely believe Marmalade Pantry is a gigantic waste of your buck. The main courses are ordinary, the desserts are not memorable and the prices are brow-raising. I definitely would not go back for the food, but I suppose they get props for their lavish setting.

Best Caterer Award

Winner: Orange Clove Catering

Orange Clove Catering deserves it. They have one of the widest catering services available, from breakfast packages to live stations. Their offerings extends from Indian cuisine to Thai as well.

Best Asian Casual Dining

Winner: Zaffron Kitchen

I have to be honest – I have not tried Zaffron Kitchen. I have always wanted to but due to its far-out location at East Coast (East-siders, rejoice!), I have not made a visit yet. North Indian cuisine fans should have this restaurant on their list!

Have you tried them all too? Give us your honest comments!

By Nicole Lee