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King Louis is all geared up for Halloween

We came to King Louis with high expectations for their Halloween special – they do, after all, have Daiso right beside them! But they went a step further

We heard about their Halloween feast and came to size it up. Even before entering, we were greeted with a spookier-than-usual entrance, with cobwebs and ghouls dotting the place. It is impressive the amount of work they put into their decor. But down to what truly matters – the glorious feast!

The place does look particularly menacing, no?

What the menu offers

The King Louis Halloween Feast consists of a smattering of courses. We started off with their selection of soft drinks and Highlander Pumpkin Soup. The soup, while true to theme, was ordinary and in fact, a little too sweet. I would have preferred something more savoury.

The King Louis Platter lives up to its title

Off to a good start

Their starters were impressive. There were two choices – one can choose between either the English-Style Chicken Caesar Salad or the King Louis Platter. I tried both and much preferred the King Louis Platter.

I would say the salad is a good appetite-opener. With fresh, leafy veggies and bits of toasted bread, it is a good balance to the meaty feast that will follow after. The King Louis Platter was more satisfying for me though. The sausage was a touch too salty and juicy, a combination I found very savoury. The fries and onion rings were soft on the inside, crispy on the outside and went well with the sauce offered

The Halloween feast is a gigantic platter oozing with flavour

Fit for a king

There is no doubt this is the star of the show. Consisting of pork ribs, chicken, lamb and beef, this tantalizing meal is a meat lover’s dream. The fruits were glazed and dripped deliciously into the center mini salad.

The pork rib was a little tough but still chewy. The beef was soft and decadent, cooked to an optimal medium done tenderness. The lamb had strong hints of herbs that came through in every bite. But my choice would be the chicken. It was juicy, well-seasoned and paired well with the savoury sauce. It was the only portion I managed to finish.

The Halloween feast menu last through the month of October.

1 Harbourfront Walk, Vivocity #03-07A, 098585

By Nicole Lee