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Enjoy dazzling coffee experiences with Nespresso and the ‘Demon Chef’

Nespresso Chinese New Year Press Event Setup

Dazzle your loved ones this festive season with all-new gourmet Nespresso coffee moments. Through a unique partnership with Asia’s Michelin-starred ‘Demon Chef’ Alvin Leung, Nespresso proudly presents delicious gourmet coffee recipes that can easily be created at the comfort of your home.

The perfect combination

Alvin Leung – aka- the ‘Demon Chef’ – is the celebrated chef at the helm of Michelin-starred restaurant Bo Innovation. His creativity made him the best partner for Nespresso on this Chinese New Year collaboration. The coffee recipes are specially designed to excite and delight the palate of coffee lovers. With bold and unique flavours, these recipes will definitely leave an impression.

Delicious, innovative and experimental

Nespresso Chinese New Year-inspired, CNY Candy Box Coffee Affogato (with Rosabaya de Colombia)
The perfect treat for the sweet tooth

The coffee recipes curated by Alvin Leung definitely did not disappoint. It is out of the ordinary but yet so satisfying. The CNY Candy Box Coffee Affogato with Rosabaya de Columbia is the perfect cup of tropical flavoured coffee. Topped with coconut ice cream and raspberry puree, the subtle acidity of Nespresso’s delectable Rosabaya de Columbia Grand Cru is the perfect foil to the sweet combination.

For the adventurous, the salty peanut caramel with taro, coffee milkshake with Ristretto will satisfy your exotic taste bud. Rich and intense Ristretto is mixed with Taro ice cream and sweet-but-salty peanut butter. A wickedly rich treat not for the faint hearted.

A heavenly east-meets-west modern classic

Leung also takes on a Hong Kong classic of coffee mixed with milk tea. The almond flavoured milk tea with coffee jelly with NEW Decaf Arpeggio is a refreshing change. The cocoa notes of the rich and full-bodied NEW Decaf Arpeggio Grand Cru mingle with sweet caramel, whipped cream, English tea and almond flakes for a modern classic.

By Alison Chu