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A spicy love affair with SHER

Chicken Shashlik

Indian food was quite the untouched area on my radar. My cravings were limited mainly to prata and naan before this – but SHER changed it

I am a conservative eater. I like my Italian pasta and simple home cooked laksa, it remains a challenge for me to go out of my way for a dish outside of my comfort zone’s palate. When I heard about SHER, I had my misgivings but that was all for naught – SHER surprised me.

I gave the Chicken Tikka a miss, but their Chicken Masala made my rainy-day trip down entirely worth it (Photo credit: Sher)

The course to beat

The Chicken Tikka looked fantastic, but it was the Chicken Masala that I fell in love with. The rice was seasoned to perfection and lightly cooked, each grain springy and fragrant. The generous helping of chicken was incredibly soft, with savoury masala curry oozing out in every bite. I love having the rice with the curry – you know your dish is fantastic when it works even without the meat.

Chicken Shashlik
The Tandoor Platter is an impressive spread (Photo credit: Sher)

A grilled assortment

Next up on my menu was the grilled Chicken Shashlik. Perhaps it was because it came after the malasa chicken, but it is no fight for the main course. The grilled components of the dish worked fine, even though the chicken was a little too tough. I would have preferred more of the soft, delectable chicken from their masala star.

Their garlic naan was satisfying, working wonderfully both by itself and with the masala curry (Photo credit: Sher)

A lasting appetizer

The garlic naan was chewy and satisfying, maintaining its crispiness even though I ate it last. I opted for their well-baked Garlic Naan and while the garlic hint is light, it worked brilliantly with the strong masala curry – giving it a slight twist on the taste.

SHER, 25 Sembawang Road, S 779079

By Nicole Lee