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Candylicious: More than just candy

Candylicous, the world’s largest multi-brand candy store, unveils a cooking studio cum event space annex, called Bake-a-licious

Sarab Kapoor showed us how easy it is to make our own mocktails

Over the weekend, Candylicious held its first “Healthy Mocktails and Sips ‘n’ Dips” class with Sarab Kapoor at the Vivo City branch’s stunning cooking studio cum event space annex, called Bake-a-licious

The autumn colored crisps paired well with the guacamole dip

Sarab Kapoor is a Singapore-based celebrity chef with five seasons of a television cooking show, Cook Love Eat with Sarab, and two cookbooks to her name. She conducts private cooking classes, helms corporate workshops and consults for Wine & Dine magazine.

Truffle fan? These peppery balls were a hit among the ladies!

At Candylicious, their mission is simple; eat happy. Through the joy of candy, they aim to make the world a happier place. After all, happiness is contagious! In everything we do, we take the time to remind people how simple pleasures are always the best. And the best simple pleasure is candy.

Candylicious carries over 5,000 kinds of candy, which is your favourite?

Candylicious, the world’s largest candy store is an international concept developed in Singapore and expanded to Malaysia. With the number of stores growing across the region, Candylicious offers an unending variety of delectable candy and chocolate, and an exclusive range of candy related merchandise.


Can you say no to this deliciously adorable plushie?

Candylicious carries over 300 types of Pick N Mix ranging from sour gummy bears to multi-coloured hearts and chocolate covered treats. They also offer chocolate from Belgium, Italy, Spain and USA.

By Nicole Lee