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Imbibe Negronis For A Good Cause At The Upcoming Negroni Week 2018

Who would’ve thought that something good could come out of drinking?

Campari, Gin, and Sweet Vermouth – these have always been the ingredients to make the perfect Negroni; that is until some of the most creative minds have taken the Italian cocktail and given it their own unique spin.

And what better time to try these newfangled concoctions than at the upcoming Negroni Week, taking place in Singapore from 4 to 10 June?

The week-long event is set to see the participation of over 70 local bars, all eager to send forth their interpretation of a Negroni cocktail for your indulgence. And while it may seem to be another clever ploy for excessive drinking, the Negroni Week, in fact, doubles up as charitable initiative, where all participating bars have pledged a portion of every Negroni purchase to a charity of their choice.

Smoky Negroni ($21) from Fat Prince; $2 will be donated to Autism Speaks for the sale of each cocktail

Incepted in 2013 by US title Imbibe Magazine, the movement has received support from more than 7,7000 venues from around the world, where close to $1.5 million was raised for numerous charitable causes to date.

Now that we’ve freed you from the guilt, it’s fine time to plan ahead for next week’s Negroni-driven activities.

For starters, you can swing by the winners from the recent Asia’s 50 Best Bar list such as crowning champion Manhattan and its whiskey-laced Betty’s Negroni ($23), 28 Hong Kong Street’s tropical Get Jacked! ($23), featuring Jackfruit-infused rum and Cacao nib-infused Vermouth, and the Dark Hound Negroni of chocolate and stout reduction ($20) from Nutmeg & Clove. The bars will donate up to $2 per drink for Run For Hope, iHealthServe, and Save Our Street Dogs respectively.

Buona Vista ($23) from Origin Bar; $2 will be donated to REACH Community Services (RCSS) for the sale of each cocktail

Others to watch are Neon Pigeon’s Bello Bella ($20), comprising an intriguing umeshu reduction, and coffee and chocolate-driven Buona Vista ($23), from Origin Bar’s cocktail menu, inspired by some Singaporean districts. The bars will donate $2 with every drink purchase to Save the Children and REACH Community Services (RCSS) respectively.

In the name of charity and…well, Negroni, four local bars, namely Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall, Mona Lounge, The Wall and Amrith, has upped the ante by working together, forming the Band of Brother for Good. While its name may seem like a cool dudes club that anyone can be a member of, the initiative is to raise funds ($5 from the sale of a cocktail) for Trybe, a voluntary welfare organisation that helps troubled youth work toward a better future, in the form of guest shifts between the respective bars’s bartenders, taking place from 7pm to 12am through 6 to 9 June. There will also be a charity auction where the winning  where the winning bidder will take home a special bottle signed by the Band of Brothers for Good.

So bottoms up imbibers! Remember, it’s all for a good cause!

To learn more about Negroni Week, visit negroniweek.com.