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Ho Fook Hei Delights With Home-Style Cantonese Cuisine

The casual dining eatery may be best known for its soy sauce chicken, but Ho Fook Hei’s specialty dishes charm with an unpretentious comfort too!

Located within Great World City, Ho Fook Hei is the latest concept and first casual eatery by Joyden – best known for restaurants like Joyden Seafood and Joyden Treasures. The restaurant prides itself on serving a unique rendition of soy sauce chicken, as well as an array of authentic Cantonese dishes prepared with time-honoured recipes passed down from generations. In fact, the name of the restaurant translates to prosperity and good fortune in Cantonese!

Photo: Ho Fook Hei

Don’t miss out on ordering the restaurant’s Specialty Rose Wine Soy Sauce Chicken ($19 half / $35 whole for dine-in and takeaway)! Made with overnight-brined chicken, and a special braising sauce (cheekily called ‘liquid gold’) consisting of home-aged soy sauce, a blend of over a dozen Chinese herbs and spices, as well as high-quality rose wine from Hong Kong; this was a dish we couldn’t get enough of!

Tender, juicy chicken meat with a wonderfully caramelised skin, plus the ever-so-fragrant sauce that had just the right balance of savoury and floral sweetness… We’re still thinking about it, to be honest!

Photo: Ho Fook Hei

Pair the lip-smackingly addictive chicken with Ho Fook Hei’s exclusive Hong Kong-style egg noodles -it’s customised for the restaurant by a local noodle maker, and complements the chicken perfectly! Deceptively unpretentious, yet amazingly tasty; the highlight of the Specialty Rose Wine Soy Sauce Chicken Noodles ($8.80) is the springy strands of egg noodles that are devoid of any off-putting alkaline taste. Tossed with the ‘liquid gold’ braising sauce and topped with generous slices of succulent chicken and blanched greens, this makes for a satisfying meal!

Psst – add a dollop of Ho Fook Hei’s homemade Crunchy Chilli Sauce for a dash of heat and am added crunch!

Photo: Ho Fook Hei

If you’re coming in a group, and a whole chicken isn’t enough, we recommend ordering the Honey-Glazed Black Barbeque Pork Belly ($13) as well! Coated with a dark sheen of tasty marinade that brims with caramelised flavour, you’ll find yourself reaching for slice after luscious slice!

Photo: Ho Fook Hei

Not a noodle person? Don’t worry! Ho Fook Hei also offers a variety of traditional Cantonese-style congee: comprising different kinds of premium rice cooked in an all-natural home-cooked superior broth until silky-smooth, a warm bowl of comforting goodness that reminded us of home and childhood nostalgia when we savoured ours!

Our favourite was the Red Grouper Fish Fillet Congee ($9.80); brimming with thick-cut slices of fresh Red Grouper, and garnished with ginger, spring onions, and coriander leaves; fragrant and oh-so-delicious! Otherwise, take your pick from the Lean Pork and Century Egg Congee ($8.80), Handmade Pork Ball Congee ($7.80), Silky Chicken Congee ($7.80), and Mixed Seafood Congee ($9.80), among others.

Photo: Ho Fook Hei

Now, Ho Fook Hei may be known for its soy sauce chicken – and we have already established that said dish is indeed amazing – but their fish dishes aren’t lacking either! We recommend having their Cod Fish Fillet (S$24.80) steamed with Old Ginger Sauce. The buttery smoothness of the cod paired well with the well-balanced and delightfully savoury heat of the ginger sauce. For something different, the Signature Nonya Assam Sauce is a fantastic choice as well, offering a piquant flavour that would pair well with the mild-tasting yet tender Seabass Fillet (S$14.80).

Photo: Weekender

End off your meal on a sweet note with a home-made beverage or dessert! Ho Fook Hei offers a Homemade Chilled Dried Longan Drink with Luo Han Guo ($3.50) that is brewed daily using high-quality luo han guo fruit, dried longan and brown sugar – a nutritious and cooling drink in our summery weather! If you’re looking for a taste of nostalgia, go for the Signature Homemade Red Apple and Hawthorne Drink ($3.50), tangy and almost like a liquid version of our childhood favourite haw flakes. We also loved the Sago & Pomelo in Fresh Mango Puree (S$4.50) that was filled with generous chunks of mango, and the warming and citrusy Red Bean Soup with Aged Mandarin Peel ($4.50).

Ho Fook Hei
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 3.30pm & 5pm – 9.30pm daily
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-141 Great World City, Singapore 237994