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#HawkerTreasures: 7 Dishes To Try At Old Airport Road Food Centre

What used to be an airport has since transformed into a foodie's paradise

Old Airport Road Food Centre is in a way similar to an airport. Just that here, you take a trip around the world via your taste buds!

Since bidding its previous entity as Singapore's first civil airport Kallang Airport goodbye in 1973, Old Airport Road Food Centre has changed for the better by becoming a food haven for all. Now, the two-storey building likens to a culinary labyrinth, filled with more than 100 hawker stalls that offer an exhaustive array of both local and some international delights at low price points.

And if you're overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices offered at the food centre, here are seven hawker stalls that you can start with first:

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7. Chendol with XO Durian ($3), Nyonya Chendol

From a stall simply named Nyonya Chendol, cool off with the refreshing treat of…well, Nyonya Chendol, served in its classic form of snow-like shaved ice that is drizzled with gooey gula melaka syrup and coconut milk, before served with a side of green rice flour worms. Extra toppings of red beans or sweet corn kernels come at an extra cost, but of course, being durian lovers, we indulged further and had ours with a plop of XO durian puree! This icy dessert is everything you hope for in a classic Nyonya Chendol.

Unit No.:#01-115

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