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Satisfy Your Durian Cravings at Home with Grabdurian

Singaporean's favourite seasonal fruit - Durian is coming!

Some people call it the smelly season but one thing that we can't deny is that most Singaporeans love durians!

Since we can't dine out at the moment, GrabDurian is back just nice for your Stay-at-home life.

In addition to the fresh dehusked packed durian, there are more unique ways to enjoy the king of fruits – think durian smelly tofu, durian popcorn, durian curry fish and more!

Are you game to try some of these unconventional combinations at home? Check them out on GrabFood and GrabMart – all delivered right to your doorstep. Here are some ways you can enjoy durian with a twist:

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Image credit: Man Kou Xiang Stinky Tofu

2. Man Kou Xiang Vegetarian Fried Stinky Tofu’s Fresh Fried Durian Stinky Tofu

If you think Stinky Tofu can’t get any smellier… Intense smell warning! Could stinky tofu get any stinkier? Apparently so, when paired with a dollop of fresh Mao Shan Wang.

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