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Deliveroo and Foodpanda: We’ll deliver your food in 30 minutes

The heat is on, with London-based Deliveroo joining the food delivery scene

Butterfly Chicken Breast nandos-2

Order the Nandos Butterfly Chicken Breast from Foodpanda and enjoy it in just 30 minutes.

Food deliveries are a godsend whether you’re too tired to whip up a meal or are planning to host the ultimate house party.

Since the launch of London-based food delivery service Deliveroo here last month, the local food delivery scene looks set to become even more competitive and diverse.

But for the average hungry Singaporean, just how well does Deliveroo measure up against more established services here like FoodPanda? The latter has upped its game this month by introducing a new delivery route optimisation algorithm and a fleet of 500 in-house delivery drivers.


Deliveroo boasts more than 140 restaurants including Potato Head Folk, PS. Cafe Petit and Cedele.

Here’s our verdict.

Speed of delivery

A hungry man is an angry man, so delivery timing is crucial. Both Deliveroo and Foodpanda aims to deliver food from select restaurants in an average of 30 minutes.

Variety of food

Your favourite fast food outlets, top restaurants, hipster cafes? Check.

Foodpanda boasts more than 400 restaurants in its vendor list, including everything from pizza to sushi and Halal catering. Their latest additions include Sushi Burrito, District 10, The Assembly Ground and Nandos.

Deliveroo, the new kid on the block, isn’t far behind with more than 140 restaurants including Cedele, Chopsuey Cafe, Kinki Restaurant, Meat Liquor, Nandos, Potato Head Folk and PS. Cafe Petit.

Price matters

With Deliveroo, there are no minimum orders — a flat fee of $3 is charged for each delivery for any order. As for orders less than $25, a surcharge of $5 is charged.

Minimum orders at Foodpanda start from $15 and delivery fees are at least $4; with prices differing among restaurants.

Delivery locations

For both Foodpanda and Deliveroo, you start by entering your postal code to view the food delivery options available to you. As of now, Deliveroo delivers to 7 areas including CBD, Novena, Bukit Merah, Bukit Timah, Kallang, Katong, and Tanglin; and plans to reach island-wide coverage by the first quarter of 2016.

However, I was a little disappointed to see that it doesn’t deliver to my home, located in the North-East.

Foodpanda, on the other hand, appears to deliver island-wide for a good variety of restaurants.


Foodpanda seems to cater well to heartlanders and office folks alike, with a wide mix of restaurants bound to satisfy any taste bud. Deliveroo prides itself on delivering premium restaurant takeaway and will delight those who looking for more unusual and interesting dining options.

Make your orders at www.deliveroo.com.sg and www.foodpanda.sg

by Samantha Francis