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Where To Get Coffee In A Cone

The catch? You’ll have to travel for it

By Nicole-Marie Ng

The world of coffee hasn’t changed much over the years. A foamy brew served in a porcelain or to-go cup has been the tried and true fuel for caffeine addicts for years.

However, millennial barista Dayne Levinrad has taken the humble cup of coffee and paired it with other ingredients we absolutely adore — chocolate and ice cream. While no actual ice cream is used, Levinrad serves his coffee in a chocolate coated ice cream cone at his cafe, The Grind, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

There is also another shop in Los Angeles selling similar waffle cone dipped in milk chocolate. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen serves espressos or a machiattos in their chocolate dipped cones and have garnered a cult following for something that isn’t even on their main menu.

How the cone stays in shape without becoming a soggy mess thanks to the addition of the coffee remains a mystery t us. We can only hope that a brilliant mind will figure it out and bring this genius invention to Singapore.

Till then we’ll stick with half melted coffee ice cream served in a cone.

The Grind Coffee Company

Shop H21B, Whitley Road, Melrose Arch (Inside Concept Cyclery). Johannesburg, South Africa. The Grind Za.


Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

8428 Melrose Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90069, United States. alfredcoffee.com.