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Love Durian? You Need To Try This Hot Pot

This fusion dish is not for the faint hearted.

By Samantha Francis


Some say it tastes rich and creamy.

Take the pungent (and some say divine) smelling durian and put it in a hot pot – what do you get?

A rich, creamy and almost caramel-like broth, according to Youtuber Trevor James, also known as The Food Ranger. This unusual fusion dish known as the Durian Chicken Hot Spot, can be found in Guangzhou, China, where it is all the rage. Compared to other fusion creations like ramen burgers and cronuts, this doesn’t even come close!

According to the video, an extra 500g serving of durian goes for 88 yuan (S$18), with the bill totalling 303 yuan (S$64) for a pot. Pretty pricy, if you ask us.

Will this strange combination make its way to Singapore? We can’t help but wonder. After all, most Singaporeans are well acquainted with durians and hot pots — just not at the same time.