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5 New Must Try Dishes At Salt Tapas & Bar

Salt Tapas & Bar refreshes menu with Asian-inspired tapas and sumptuous seafood

By Nicole-Marie Ng
It’s no secret that Singaporeans love seafood. From chilli crab to sambal stingray, we just can’t get enough.
Executive Chef Ronald Li’s new menu brings more seafood options to Luke Mangan’s Salt Tapas & Bar. He believes that Singapore has such an abundant source of premium local and international seafood that the menu should feature the best quality fish and shellfish they get from their suppliers every day.
His approach? The reworked menu relies on sourcing for the best seafood and letting the ingredients shine through with simple and delicate cooking.

After sampling 11 of the new dishes, we’ve rounded up our top five that you should not miss on your next trip to Salt Tapas & Bar.

salt tapas & bar soft shell crab taco

1. Taco of Tempura Soft Shell Crab ($14)

Each large piece of soft shell crab is lightly battered to be crisp on the outside but moist on the inside. Served with house-made wasabi mayo and pineapple salsa, the sauces add a little zing and spice to the otherwise mildly sweet crab. I also loved the bits of ikura spooned on top of the crab, adding little salty pops of joy to the dish.
salt tapas & bar beets

2. Beets with Ricotta Cream ($14)

While not a seafood dish, this delightful combination of beets, ricotta cream and honey hearken back to Salt Tapas & Bar’s roots as an Australian restaurant. The golden beets and target beets are flown in fresh from Australia every week, ensuring that every beet is still sweet and crunchy when they’re served.


salt tapas & bar Grilled Big Head Prawn with papaya salad, fried peanuts and tamarind dressing

3. Grilled Big Head Prawn with Papaya Salad ($27)

These huge prawns from Thailand and Vietnam are simply salted and grilled, enhancing their natural sweetness. Served with a refreshing papaya salad made using green papaya, mint, basil, and tamarind dressing. Although the dish contains some green chilli, it’s not spicy and can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Salt tapas & bar Grilled Day Fish with white wine clams, artichoke and pak choy

4. Grilled Fish of the Day (Price differs daily depending on the type of fish)

After pan-frying the fish in butter, the chef pours a luxurious clam and verjuice sauce over the fish. Verjuice is a highly acidic juice made with unripe grapes, the acidity helps to balance the richness of the buttered fish and is a good substitute for lemon juice. The clams used in the dish also imparts saltiness from the sea, eliminating the need to add extra salt.


salt tapas & bar paella

5. Seafood Paella ($42)

The key to a great paella is ensuring that the rice near the pan is charred and crunchy while the rest of the rice remains soft and fluffy. The Paella at Salt Tapas & Bar achieved this flawlessly. The paella contains copious amounts of seafood like prawns, mussels, clams, squid and meat including chorizo, chicken, and parma ham.

However, what I would recommend doing is to ask for the saffron rouille on the side. The thick globs of rouille were too rich and overpowered the rest of the dish, especially if it’s not mixed properly into the rice.


Salt Tapas & Bar. 252 North Bridge Road, #01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre, 179103. Tel: 6837 0995.

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