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4 Tuscan-style Italian Dishes Worth Trying

in ITALY offers honest-to-goodness dishes that won’t disappoint

By Samantha Francis


Be sure to sample some of the wines from Chef Marco’s vineyard, Eight Acres.

A hearty and delicious plate of pasta isn’t hard to find, but few Italian restaurants leave an impression like in ITALY. The cosy restaurant, which offers a rustic vibe alongside authentic Italian cuisine, has been drawing droves of loyal customers since 2012.

Helmed by Chef Mario who draws inspiration from his own heritage, in ITALY serves Tuscan style Italian food including antipasti, home-made pasta, pizzas and baked specialities.

What takes the dining experience to the next level are the wines in the cellar, most of which hail from the chef’s very own vineyard in Australia — Eight Acres. As such, a meal here shows off his sincere culinary expressions, which leaves you feeling like an honoured guest.

This March, the restaurant is upping its ante with revitalised classics from the chef’s original recipes and we’re playing favourites by picking our top 4 must-tries.



1. Carpaccio

For starters, go for the savoury yet refreshing Carpaccio ($28), which comes with thinly sliced raw angus beef tenderloin drizzled with mustard sauce and tuffle goat cheese.



2. Ravioli di Ossobuco in Gremolata

For mains, revel in the home-made goodness that is veal ravioli in saffron sauce, otherwise known as the Ravioli di Ossobuco in Gremolata ($32). It is rich in flavours but not cloying.



3. Crudo di Pesce

If sashimi brings to mind only Japanese cuisine, think again.

in ITALY has created an Italian style “sashimi” platter ($38) that comes with naturally sweet Mazara red prawns, Boston lobster, Mediterranean red tuna and thinly sliced scallops. The medley of fresh flavours and textures come together beautifully.



4. Maialino da Latte

in ITALY’s boneless, Sardinian style Roasted Crispy Skin Suckling Pig (from $70) comes with a thin layer of incredibly crisp skin, succulent meat. It is accompanied by sides like caramelised shallots to counter the richness.

Compared to Chinese-style suckling pig, it is a lot less fatty, hence giving you more reason to indulge.


in ITALY, 38 Craig Rd, Singapore 089676, Tel: 6423 0918