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10 Incredible Dishes From The World’s 32nd Best Restaurant

Hint: It's in Singapore and you ought to make reservations now

By Samantha Francis; Cover photo: Restaurant Andre

With Michelin Guide Singapore due to be revealed only next month, here's a pretty obvious hint on who will make the cut.

According to The World's 50 Best Restaurants list, Singapore's Restaurant Andre has moved 14 places up from last year to cinch the 32nd spot.

Helmed by Taiwan-born and French-trained Andre Chiang, the fine-dining establishment is known for its multi-course cuisine, termed Octaphilosophy.

What this exotic sounding term really means is that the dishes are centred around eight elements of gastronomy that inspire him, namely salt, texture, memory, pure, terroir, south, artisan and unique.

As a testament to Chef Andre's culinary excellence and popularity, the intimate 30-seater requires reservations of at least 4-6 months in advance.

As we await patiently, here's a peek at what some lucky diners have savoured:

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2. Ruban of butternut squash in warm foie gras soup

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