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Enjoy $5 Drinks All Night At Cashless Bar Get Juiced In Clarke Quay

There’s a spanking new hangout for night owls — with three themed rooms, no less

Photo: Get Juiced

Love having a good time but hate Singapore’s sky-high alcohol prices?

Get Juiced, a fresh new bar at Clarke Quay, is here to save the day with $5 drinks available all night long — plus, mixers are included!

That’s not all, the vibrant bar features three themed rooms, namely Live, Dance and Chill.

Named in accordance to the music played, the rooms will delight guests whether they’re into indie tunes or EDM music.

Unless other bars, Get Juiced offers a unique experience with its cashless, queue-less system, where drinks can be ordered via an app.

If you fancy rounds of shots, try their unusual melon, lichi, coffee, hazelnut and caramel toffee shots, available at $60 for 25 or $100 for 50 — what a way to get the party started!

The only downside is that each set’s flavours can’t be mixed, so here’s to 50 coffee shots that will definitely keep you up all night.

Even your food and drink orders will be alerted through your phone, so there won’t be a need to shout at bartenders and waiters in order to be heard.

Of course if the music is ever too loud, head on over to the Chill room for some relaxing beats.

Get Juiced opens its doors on 8 July, but will be opening a sneak preview on 25 June, with free entry for everyone. 

Get Juiced, 3E River Valley Road, #02-01