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Dolce & Gabbana And Fiasconaro Celebrate The Panettone With Festive Collaboration

Where creativity meets confectionery artistry.

Created from a unique recipe, the typical Milanese panettone is revisited with flavours of Sicily. The shared ingredients of this extraordinary union between North and South are respected for tradition, the courage to experiment, the quest for perfection and the pursuit of beauty. Above all, it is a love for artisanal production, entirely ‘Made in Italy’, that brings together the highest expressions of fashion and pastry.

Introduced to Europe many centuries ago by the Arabs, pistachios, saffron and citrus fruits found such fertile land in Sicily that they have been nicknamed, respectively, ‘green gold,’ ‘red gold’ and ‘golden apples.’.

The impeccable craftsmanship of these desserts is preserved thanks to the beautiful tin boxes, designed expressly by the most famous Sicilian artisans: the
bright colours and the subjects, inspired by the decorative motifs of the Sicilian cart and the characters of the puppet theatre, render these precious containers eminently collectible. The 1 kg panettone is encased in a tin tray, decorated according to the special creativity of the project, available only in selected stores.

A natural leavening not only ensures unparalleled lightness and fragrance to the panettone, but also exalts all of the raw materials. With these extraordinary panettones, the style of Dolce&Gabbana and the pastry art of Fiasconaro tell a uniquely Italian story of excellence, knowledge, and love for quality food.

In the coming months, this magical combination of style and flavour will delight even the most demanding gourmands with two original creations: a 1 kg Sicilian Pistachio panettone covered in white chocolate, with a velvety Pistachio cream in a special jar; and a panettone with Sicilian Citrus fruits and Saffron, available in both 1 kg and 100 g sizes.

The products will be sold at Martini Bar in Milan, online at www.dolcegabbana.it and in selected stores in Italy and worldwide.