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Delicious Basque Burnt Cheesecakes in Singapore

What is the next food trend?

If you have been following the food trend closely, Dalgona coffee was the hottest drink during the circuit breaker. Even though we are not really over Dalgona coffee, another food trend was observed - Basque Burnt Cheesecake!

If you can't bake, you can always buy them from the famous cakery in Singapore and here are some recommendations.

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6. Cat and the Fiddle

Bored on normal cheesecake? Cat & the Fiddle’s Basque burnt cheesecake adds a unique spin to this classic treat. If you are on the hunt for a cake that is memorable, unique but oh-so-tasty, then the Basque burnt cheesecake is exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t be fooled by its charred appearance, as you have tasted nothing like it yet. Just like the anticipation of the solar eclipse, ‘Charred Eclipse’ takes its temptation to the next level. The smooth, lavish body, enriched with Martabak cheese, delivers the unadulterated and intense cheese flavour that has bewitched innumerable palates. Trust us, one slice of this burnt cheesecake is never enough.

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