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Shots anytime, anywhere with Zavva

One shot, endless possibilities – ZAVVA Shots come in 30ml alcoholic ready-to-drink split pot shots


The innovative twisted shot glass allows for two separate flavours in one shot glass, and its size provides consumers with a quick shot so they can enjoy it with friends at home, in the street, at parties or at a bar.


Four combinations, eight tastes

The global ZAVVA collection includes four signature flavor combinations; ‘Black Pearl’, a soothing and aromatic blend of coffee and vanilla liqueur; ‘China White’, a mix of home-style butterscotch liqueur and smooth silky cream; ‘Love Me Lychee’, a delicate balance of Lychee vodka and liqueur; and ‘Citrus Twist’, an invigorating fusion of lemon and tangy lime.


zavva-china-white (1)

Coming soon to our shores?

In addition, ZAVVA have two limited edition flavours sold exclusively in Taiwan; ‘Blue Hawaii’, hints of blueberry vodka combined with refreshing pineapple liqueur to create an energetic tropical fruit flavour; and last but not least ‘Red Joy’, a summery merging of zingy raspberries and velvety cream liqueur.


For the long shot

ZAVVA’s slogan ‘One Shot. Endless Possibilities’ emphasises its position of being more than just an alcohol brand; it’s a lifestyle. ZAVVA seeks to continually foster and fuse together the realms of art, music, fashion and food in each market which it enters. There is no limit to the possibilities.

By Nicole Lee