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Best of Black or White Carrot Cakes


Seen and heard of the best of local Singaporean Food

Singaporean carrot cake is very different from the cream cheese frosted Western-style carrot cake.

Our local carrot cake or, more accurately, radish cake is fried with eggs, preserved radish and, if you prefer, with black sweet sauce as well. Hence, the two different colours of fried carrot cake available.

Carrot Cake or chai tow kway is a typical breakfast or supper food here and, for many, it would evoke comforting memories.

Fried Carrot Cake

This stall in Clementi used to be owned by an old hunched Chinese man, regularly seen in a straw hat and frying up a storm. Now, his son has taken over the stall but the quality is still exactly the same.

The kway is soft, the white version is crispy and the black version is sweet and savoury. Be prepared to queue for at least 20 minutes.

Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre, Blk 448, Clementi Ave 3, #01-45, Singapore 120448

Chey Sua Carrot Cake

Having been around for more than two decades, they’ve gotten the frying down to an art. One side is fried longer for a crispier texture while the other is lightly fried for a softer, mushier feel.

Toa Payoh West Market & Food Court, 127 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #02-30, Singapore 310127

Carrot Cake (STALL 36)

Chomp Chomp is not merely a tourist trap. There are a few good stalls here and if you love white carrot cake, try the one here. It is crispy and flavoured with their secret sauce.

The chai tow kway here is a little unorthodox with the addition of shrimp as well.

Chomp Chomp Food Centre, 20 Kensington Park Road, Stall 36, Singapore 557269

Guan Kee

This stall steams its own carrot cake but admittedly the black version is much better than the white. The black version is fried until some of the smaller bits are charred and caramelised with the scent of wok hei.

Changi Village Market & Food Centre, 2 Changi Village Road, #01-02, Singapore 500002