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Steamboat? No, Steam Box!

Steam Box introduces Hong Kong’s hottest food trend, “steam-potting” to Singapore

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Pictures: Courtesy of Steam Box

Despite the constant heat and humidity, Singaporeans have a profound love for hot pots. Those comforting bowls of soup nourishes the soul and has become a mainstay in our food scene.

Steam Box is set to revolutionise the way we see hot pots. Instead of cooking ingredients in a soup base, “steam-potting” uses high-speed steaming to cook meat, seafood and vegetables in just two to six minutes!

Steaming as a cooking method is nothing new, and has been used for thousands of years. The healthy technique keeps helps ingredients retain their nutrients while keeping food juicy. The automatic timer of the high-speed steamer ensures that each dish is steamed perfectly every time at Steam Box.

The juices and flavours from the ingredients then drip down into a big bowl of porridge that you can enjoy at the end of the meal.

Steambox offers a wide range of fresh ingredients in its menu and diners can often feel spoilt for choice. These are our recommendations on what to order when you visit Steam Box.

 At Steam Box, all the ingredients are brought to the table raw, then freshly steamed before your eyes

Marinated Chinese-style Ginger Chicken Thigh with Wolfberry ($9)

Steamed plain chicken doesn’t sound particularly appetising but even with very little marination, the chicken was tender, bouncy and tasty.

Chef Marinated Minced Pork with Premium Salted Fish ($9)

Packed with both salted fish and water chestnut for that added crunch, this is a dish you would want to save and have with your porridge as well.

Bamboo Clam ($18)

I’m not sure if it’s the different steaming process or the quality of the clams used, but these Bamboo Clams were soft and delicate, unlike other places that tend to overcook their clams.

You must have your seafood dishes with Steam Box’s Seafood Sauce, a spicy and tangy mix of chilli, garlic and ginger. Similar to the garlic and lime sauce you would have with fish in Thai Cuisine, this sauce goes so well with everything.

Essence of the fresh ingredients are all captured below the steaming plate to cook the congee with Clam, Dried Scallop & Ginger Slice (1)

Porridge with Clam, Dried Scallop and Ginger ($18)

When the waitress first brought the ingredients for the porridge to our table I was shocked because she only brought one bowl of rice and chicken stock. “How is that going to feed a table of four?!”, I asked by fellow dining companions.

After we were done with all the all our steam dishes, the waitress unveiled a whole pool of porridge. Even though I was full from the protein and vegetables, I still couldn’t help myself from having two servings of porridge. Even though the four of us ate our fill, there was still quite a lot of porridge left over.

This magical porridge made sure that I didn’t miss having soup at the end of my hot pot experience. In fact, I just might like this better.