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Jing Hua celebrates its 25th Anniversary at Neil Road

After 25 years in Singapore, Jing Hua celebrates its humble beginnings as a nostalgic home-grown brand which serves original Jing Hua cuisine prepared from recipes passed on through two generations.

Original Jing Hua Cuisine for the Local Palate

Jing Hua’s menu, which has remained unchanged since the beginning, is a true testament of how consistent quality can withstand the test of time.

Prepared with ingredients sourced from Chinatown’s wet markets, Jing Hua has built a strong reputation for serving up delicious homemade dumplings over the years. Despite its success, Jing Hua never ceased to listen to feedback from customers in order to refine the quality of the dumplings. The result is an original Jing Hua recipe, customized to suit local tastes.

Popular dumpling varieties on the menu include the Pan-fried Mixed Seafood and Pork Daumplings ($8+ for 10 dumplings), the Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings ($7+ for 7 pieces) and the Mixed Seafood & Pork Dumplings ($8+ for 10 dumplings).

Jing Hua Xiao Long Bao
Jing Hua Xiao Long Bao

Jing Hua’s trademark Xiao Long Baos

Most famous of the Jing Hua dumplings is the Little Juicy Steamed Meat Dumplings ($7+ for seven dumplings), a plump parcel of minced pork, flavourful soup and thin, but firm skin. The dumplings were the best among all the other dumplings served, and it is little wonder why diners – locals and tourists alike – flock back to Jing Hua to enjoy their dumplings.

An Extensive Menu

Not a dim-sum kind of person? Fret not, Jing Hua has an extensive menu to cater to the taste buds of everyone. Jing Hua also serves up signatures such as Noodles with Minced Pork and Soya Bean Sauce ($5+), the restaurant’s version of the famous “Zha Jiang Mian”, with a comforting, “lighter than usual” soybean sauce. The noodle strands were thick and light at the same time and when combined with their trademark soybean sauce, served up savoury mouthfuls.

Jing Hua Zha Jiang Noodles
Jing Hua Zha Jiang Noodles. Something about this simply reminds me of home!  

For a sweet end to the meal, guests can opt for the Sweet Osmanthus Flower Rice Ball Soup ($3+), a dessert consisting of fragrant Osmanthus-infused soup and rice balls filled with peanuts, red bean paste, lotus and walnut paste, and black sesame. These rice balls were soft and chewy, with a burst of flavour on every mouthful. Pair with the Osmanthus-infused soup and we’ve got a winner.

Last but not least, the Crispy Red Bean Pancake ($10+), is a must-try dish that is prepared a la minute, and excludes the aroma of charred sesame with every bite of the crispy skin.

Jing Hua Sweet Osmanthus Flower Rice Ball Soup
Jing Hua Sweet Osmanthus Flower Rice Ball Soup. The perfect end to a meal!

Jing Hua Restaurant, 21 Neil Road, Singapore 088814

By Eu Shuqi