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Fragrance 43°N japonica rice now available at NTUC FairPrice

Fragrance 43°N (43°香) japonica rice from the Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone (SSJFZ) hits shelves in Singapore

What is Japonica rice?

Korean Kimchi Fried Rice with Fragrance 43 N Japonica Rice

Kimchi fried rice made with Fragrance 43°N japonica rice. Image courtesy of  Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone.

Japonica rice is a short-grain variety of white rice that is moist and sticky. It is usually the type of rice used in Japanese or Korean cooking and can be used to make a variety of dishes like sushi.

Catering to the increasing local demand of japonica rice, Fragrance 43°N is offering an alternative to japonica rice imported from Japan, the United States, Australia and Vietnam.

Cultivated in Jilin, Northeast China, Fragrance 43°N’s high-quality japonica rice is harvested and packaged through processed using Singapore’s food safety standards. While food produced in China might suffer from a bad reputation in Singapore, so you can rest assured that the checking process is so stringent that only the best rice is allowed to be imported here.

Aside being safe, Fragrance 43°N japonica rice is also healthy and a great alternative from your regular carbohydrate. It is a nutritious source of protein, fibre, vitamin B, calcium and iron.

How can I use Fragrance 43°N japonica rice?


Bentos created by @bentodays_ and I. The Fragrance 43°N japonica rice was easy to shape and tasted great even on its own.

Fragrance 43°N japonica rice can be stored and washed the same way you would normal Jasmine White Rice.

However, if you prefer the rice to be served more al dente, try adding one part of rice to 0.75 part of water. We also recommend leaving the rice to soak in water for half an hour before placing it in the rice cooker.

Fragrance 43°N japonica rice has a delicate fluffy texture and sweet mild taste. It can be served with any side dish, used in porridge or fried rice.It is also the perfect texture to make cute bentos that are sure to put a bright smile on any child’s face.

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Fragrance 43°N japonica rice can be bought at all NTUC FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets and Finest supermarkets island-wide. A 2.5kg package retails at S$11.70 while a 5kg package retails at S$23.20.