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Dim Sum & Chicken Rice to your door

Food Yum Cha Express Dim Sum Delivery singapore traditional chinese cuisine
Food Yum Cha Express Dim Sum Delivery singapore traditional chinese cuisine
Dim Sum from Yum Cha Express

Getting hot meals delivered to your door no longer means junk food. Get good Chinese cuisine right to your home

Got a craving for dim sum or even chicken rice but you don’t want to head out to the hawker centre or restaurant?

Not to worry, the food can now come to you. FoodPanda offers many different types of cuisines for home delivery, from restaurants such as Yum Cha Express, Chili’s and Nihon Mura. We try the delivery for the reputable The Yang’s Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice and Yum Cha Express.

On-Time Delivery

Simply choose the restaurant of your choice which delivers to your location, and place your order with FoodPanda.
The delivery allowance time is within two hours but the food arrived within an hour.

Food Yum Cha Express Fried carrot cake dim sum Singapore delivery cuisine chinese traditional
Fried Carrot Cake from Yum Cha Express

Dim Sum at Your Door

Yum Cha Express’ dim sums arrived still with good texture and tasted freshly made. The dumplings appeared a tad oilier than the dine-in ones, perhaps to prevent them from drying up and sticking to one another.

The Egg Tarts and Paper-Wrapped Chicken were particularly tasty. Perhaps the paper helped to seal in the seasoning and flavours.

Food local the yang's traditional chicken rice roasted chicken chinese traditional delivery Singapore
Roasted Chicken from The Yang’s Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice & Other Specialities

Apart from good Chicken Rice from The Yang’s Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice, their Cereal Prawns was the best dish we ordered. Be sure to eat this fast before the cereal becomes damp and clumpy. Eaten warm, it is highly satisfying.
The Longan Beancurd dessert was incredibly smooth and tasty as well.

On the whole, it was a perfect meal with unbelievable taste and quality for a home-delivered one.

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