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Try Char Kway Teow Made With Roti Prata At Blue Lotus

Wild and innovative ideas are Chef Ricky Ng’s speciality

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Photos: Courtesy of Blue Lotus

You’ve probably heard of Blue Lotus’ Signature Chilli Pomelo Crab but that’s not the only twist to a Singaporean classic that chef-owner Ricky Ng has up his sleeve.

As the ex-Chief Operating Officer of TungLok Group, Ricky is no stranger to Chinese cuisine. With Blue Lotus, he set out to challenge boundaries and offer a new perspective on Chinese food.

Armed with fresh inspiration, Ricky has created four new dishes that will be available at Blue Lotus from this month on.


1. Smoked Truffle Wonton Lobster Bisque,  $18++

This was almost like having a ravioli in lobster sauce but with the addition of bok choy and the blend of meat in the wonton, the dish was still unmistakably Chinese. The subtle taste of truffle added depth and dimension to the creamy bisque as well.


2. Josper Grilled Barramundi Fillet with Pickled Chilli Sauce, 2 pieces $34++

One of my favourites of the night, the Josper grill managed to get the skin of the Barramundi crispy while leaving the flesh flaky and moist. Paired together with the sour and spicy pickled chilli sauce, it helped to cut the richness of the fish and add some acidity.


3. Wok Fried “Prata” Seafood Char Kway Teow, $20++

A controversial yet interesting dish that I think is at least worth a try. Instead of using kway teow, Ricky had an ingenious idea to make roti prata the main starch component of this dish. He first fries the strips of prata till it puffs up and then fries it like how you would regular char kway teow. The result was a little too heavy on my palette but I found myself strangely reaching out for more. It also helps that the seafood used with this dish were large and plump.


4. Chilled Durian Puree Shaved Ice $12++

If you’re upset that Durian bingsu doesn’t exist, then head down to Blue Lotus for the next best thing, Durian Puree Shaved Ice. I was surprised by how much durian puree they served with this, it’s certainly enough to make any durian addict happy but the shaved ice in comparison lacked that pungent durian flavour. Maybe you should try mixing the puree with the shaved ice and eating it together instead of just eating the puree on its own like me.


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