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Artistic bites in modern Chinese cuisine

Food Hong Shi Yi The Twelve Beauties set
The Twelve Beauties set
Food Hong Shi Yi The Twelve Beauties set
The Twelve Beauties set

A modern take on Chinese cuisine awaits at Millenia Walk

You may have noticed Hong Shi Yi’s interior décor with hanging bird cages and white wooden chairs, while walking around Millenia Walk.

You may even have seen people painting! Hong Shi Yi is, nonetheless, a restaurant serving modern Chinese cuisine.

Lily Liu, owner, says, “At Hong Shi Yi, we want to present diners with gourmet Chinese food that is infused with the essence of creativity. The modern décor and the menu have been carefully designed to complement each other in conveying this experience.”

Intriguing Signature Dishes

Executive Chef Zhang Lin uses his decade-long experience in Chinese cooking to come up with dishes such as the Pumpkin Soup with Crab Meat ($9.90). This Asian version is slightly more liquid-like in texture than the Western pumpkin soup, and is less cloying.

Also on the menu is Chairman Mao’s favourite dish of Stewed Pork Belly with Egg in Casserole ($16.90). Simmered for hours, the belly pork absorbs the essence of the spices, to give a highly flavourful dish.

Other dishes such as the “Chongqing” Specialty Fish Slice with Preserved Vegetables in Superior Stock ($22.90 to $38.90) and the set of Twelve Beauties ($25.90) that comprises a pair of liu sha bao, prawn dumplings, fried wantons, lotus paste pastries, scallion pancake and a red bean filled sesame seed pastry, are both pleasing to the eyes as well as to taste.

Tantalising Tea

Hong Shi Yi has its own signature tea blends. Its Eight Treasure Tea ($4.90) contains red dates, hawthorn, dried longans, wolfberries and sesame seed, together with rock sugar and premium tea leaves. It supposedly boosts mental alertness and detoxifies the body.

The restaurant is open from noon for lunch and again at 6pm for dinner. If you are in town for tea, try their newly-added Jin Ling’s Twelve Beauties Afternoon Tea Set for two.

Hong Shi Yi, Millenia Walk, #02-19/20, Tel: 6333 5116.