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Chikin, Singapore’s First Szechuan Yakitori and Cocktail Bar

Sample 13 parts of a chicken from its Yakitori menu

Photo: Chikin

If you love heat or even just extremity, the dishes at Singapore’s first Szechuan Yakitori and Cocktail bar will fulfil your adventurous palate.

CHIKIN is a three-storey gastronomic haven created by lifestyle group, Coterie Dining Concept, that brings the Yakitori’s experience through Izakaya skewers ‘Szechuan Mala’ and potent cocktails.

The atmosphere at Chikin is almost similar to a club with its rad mixes of hip-hop music. An open-concept kitchen with a gorgeous marble bar top greets guests at the first floor, with walls are covered with bold paintings that embody the elements of Japanese pop culture.

The Japanese destination offers 20 cocktails, 15 of which are prepared days in advance to allow the mixture to rest. This results in masterpieces, formulated with white liquor such as gin and sake, which is bursting with rich flavors.

If you’re feeling enthusiastic, sip on a citrusy sake – Shiso My Mojo garnished with Japanese Shiso leaves. And if you are feeling laid back, My Sakura – a cherry blossom infused sake, is always a crowd pleaser.

Chikin offers a variety of Izakaya-style dishes that are spicy spin-offs from the original flavors. From its name, it is not hard to guess what they are specialized in preparing – chicken!

Another aspect that is different about Chikin is that their menu is unconventionally quirky but absolutely delicious! Yakitori choices range from bizarre chicken parts such as windpipe, heart, and cartilage. So, if you have nerves (and guts) of steel, these unique Yakitori delicacies is definitely your cup of tea.

On the whole, Chikin is an awesome place to kick back and enjoy traditional Japanese cuisines that are infused with Szechuan flavours. Not forgetting the wonderful service as well as a sexy interior that is entirely perfect for Instagram-photo ops!

Address: 6 Bukit Pasoh Road, S089820
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (5pm – 1am), Closed on Sundays
Tel: 62213670