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Authentic Italian Pizzas & Pastas From Just $3.50 At O Mamma Mia Sapore Italiano

Spain’s most famed pizzeria brand has launched its casual dining concept in Singapore

Photos: O Mamma Mia Sapore Italiano

The team behind popular yoghurt brand llaollao has introduced a brand new concept to Singapore, this time specialising in pizzas and pastas.

O Mamma Mia Sapore Italiano, or you could simply call it O Mamma Mia for short, serves home-style comfort food from Italy.

While we don’t know if these cheesy slices of pizzas will draw queues as long as llaollao’s customisable cups of yoghurt, one thing’s for sure — they’re delicious and value-for-money.

The first thing you notice about their pizzas is the dough, which has the unique characteristic of being both chewy and crispy.

Made with premium “00″ bread flour, extra virgin olive oil and O Mamma Mia’s own sourdough starter, the dough goes through a slow leavening process of over 24 hours, before it is flattened by hand to form the unique rectangular base of the pizza.

Don’t come expecting the usual picks like ‘Hawaiian’, the flavours here are delightfully Italian.

Italian-style toppings

Sans added preservatives, these well-textured pizza bases are topped with a variety of toppings.

Don’t come expecting the usual picks like ‘Hawaiian’, the flavours here are delightfully Italian.

We’re a fan of the 5 Terre ($4.20 per slice), which comes with five types of toppings including fresh Boletus mushrooms, a homemade pesto sauce, tomatoes and a generous helping of Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese.

A close second is the cheesy 5 Formaggi ($3.90 per slice), which is piled on with Mozzarella, Parmesan, Gorgonzola, Provolone; with the fifth cheese being a special secret blend.

An unexpected favourite of ours is the Marco Polo ($3.90 per slice), a refreshing combination of sweet zucchini ribbons, layered with spicy chilli flakes, garlic, whipped cream and Parmesan.

We’re a fan of the 5 Terre, which comes with five types of topping.

Customisable pasta

For something a bit more substantial, order their pasta dishes, which lets you mix and match your own pasta type — Tagliatelle (long, flat ribbon-shaped pasta), Gnocchi (elongated potato balls), Strozzapreti (elongated, twisted-shaped pasta), Garganelli (tubular-shaped pasta) and Bigoli (long, tube-shaped pasta). and sauces — Bolognese, Arrabbiata (both $7.90), Pesto, 4 Cheese and Boletus E Tartufo (all $8.20).

With prices as low as $3.50 a slice and a cosy set-up, O Mamma Mia Sapore Italiano looks set to be a great place for catch-ups or simply a quick midday bite.

Outlets include #01-11, The Clementi Mall, 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West.