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Time To Catch These Super Cute ‘Pikachurros’!

This Californian churros store is delighting Pokémon trainers around the world

It’s no surprise seeing retail outlets and cafes cashing in on the Poké-mania anymore, what with the numerous lures and maps to aid your journey in catching ’em all.

But the cutest Pokémon inspired creation we’ve seen so far, goes to these Pikachurros from The Loop, a specialty churros shop in Westminster, California.

We hear they’re baked freshly on site each day, and are best paired with the shop’s signature soft served ice cream.

Topped with oreo bits for ears, chocolate for eyes and red candy hearts for the cheeks, these Pikachurros are melting the hearts of Pokémon trainers all around the world.

Meanwhile, we’re feasting our eyes on these photos and hoping a local cafe takes the hint.

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1 of 4