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7 Unique Japanese Drinks To Try At Don Don Donki

“Don Don Don… Donki~”

That annoyingly repetitive, yet exciting chorus welcomes us as we enter Don Don Donki on a swelteringly hot afternoon. Looking for something to refresh us, we headed towards the chilled drinks section and we were greeted by over 20 drink choices for us to choose— from yogurt-flavoured water to brightly coloured melon soda. We were in soda heaven!

Here are our most unique finds, along with reviews from our Weekender team.

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1. Mild Banana & Milk, Sangaria – $1.90

“This is surprisingly delicious! And reminds me of the old-school Dutch Lady banana-flavoured milk drinks. For the price, you would think you’d get some artificial banana flavouring, but this tastes pretty legit!” – Daryl

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