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7 Dining Destinations That’ll Guarantee You That Second Date

Because the way to the heart is through the belly

The difference between a good date and a let’s-pretend-this-never-happened is downright obvious; it’s filled with many “meh” moments and you’ll be able to tell if you’re going to get a second date or not. Many a time, it comes down to the choice of venue. A classic dinner date still triumphs over all those “50 alternative date ideas” as it is the perfect setting for a decent conversation. So, we have rounded up 7 dining spots in Singapore that when done right, will guarantee you that second date!

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Photo: Esquina 

1. Esquina – Let your culinary creativity shine

Just like the name suggests, Esquina (which means corner in Spanish) is located at the corner of Jiak Chuan street. This two-storey space boasts of a contemporary cuisine featuring both Spanish and Catalan flavours. The Tasting Room at Esquina offers a unique date experience as not only will you get to taste an array of dishes from Chef Carlo’s “Little Black Book of Experiments”, but you’ll also be provided with the opportunity to share feedback and give ideas on how you’d like the dishes to be tweaked. You and your date might just have a lasting impact on Esquina’s menu! Then there’s always the Tasting Menu ($108) per pax to look to if you’re up for a gastronomic adventure through 12 dishes of Esquina’s best. Following the concept of ‘Past Classics’, ‘Current Creations’ and ‘Future’, the illustrious meal offers the likes of Smoked Atlantic Mackerel, Grilled Sucrine Lettuce and our favourite: Mini Spanish Breakfast of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, chorizo bits, and foamed potatoes.

16 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089267

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