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5 Ways Re.juve’s Cold-pressed Beverages Rejuvenate You

Not all juices are made equal. But for possibly the tastiest and healthiest juices, look to Re.juve.

Debuting in Singapore, this Indonesian beverage brand sets out to make people happy through their gut. What it offers is a range of cold-pressed beverages that include fruit and vegetables juices, almond milks, elixir and fortified shots. You can now try these drinks at Great World, JEM, i12 Katong and CapitaSpring.

Learn more about Re.juve and why their beverages are potions of rejuvenation.

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 1. A Healthier Alternative

Parched? Don’t be quick to reach for an empty-calorie, artificially-sweetened drink. Re.juve gets you to stay on the path of health with its plethora of fruit and vegetable juice selections. A true flavour party in each bottle, Re.juve’s beverages will certainly rejuvenate you with every swig.

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