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5 Teppanyaki Restaurants That Put On A Good Show

Alongside irresistible offerings of grilled meats, seafood, vegetables and more!

Good food doesn’t just cut it when at any Teppanyaki restaurant . Instead, an immersive, show-stopping and interactive culinary performance is a requisite for the traditional Japanese dining experience.

Kind of like the Cirque Du Soleil of culinary arts, Teppanyaki style of cooking has its chefs display their prowess in hand acrobatics with griddle tools, sometimes including fire-blazing stunts where meats are cooked in a fiery fashion on the hot, sizzling pan. And because everything is grilled and served upfront, diners can testify the preparations of the food for themselves.

Here are five restaurants to witness these tantalising spectaculars that close with a lip-smacking epilogue.

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1. Teppan Bar Q

When chef Kyota Ishida fell in love with the gastronomic spoils of Spain, he did the only sensible thing he could, and that is to incorporate the country’s vibrant flavours into his culinary endeavours. His foray has since birthed the relatively new Teppan Bar Q, located along Robertson Walk. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly quiet facade; when night takes over, Teppan Bar Q comes alive with a cacophony of spirited crowds and clangs of griddle tools. For those adventurous enough to try Chef Ishida’s Spanish twist on teppankyi food, go for its dinner course menu ($80) to sample the best of both worlds. The menu includes Octopus Galician Style, where grilled octopus is served on a bed of boiled potatoes, and either the choice of grilled garlic rice or the tangy yakisoba. We recommend the latter.

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11 Unity Street, #01-21/22, Robertson Walk

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