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5 Larger-Than-Life Foods To Share With All Your Hungry Friends

Look away if you're on a diet — these XXL foods, from cheese steaks to xiao long bao, were made for sheer indulgence

When hunger pangs strike, food becomes a sacred commodity.

This also means that any notion of sharing is often met with an insolent glance, especially for foodies like myself.

I mean, get your own burger and don't steal my fries.

But with these five larger-than-life foods, you'll find that sharing your favourite dishes can be a pleasant and even fun experience.

Here, tuck into super-sized everything, from cheese steaks to xiao long baos.

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Photo: Senmi Sushi

5. Giant Chirashi Don, $36

While huge, the Giant Charashi Don from Senmi Sushi is something you might be reluctant to share. The bowl comes with sight different cuts of fresh sashimi including tuna and salmon atop a bed of warm, vinegared rice. After your meal, don’t forget to walk it off at Emporium Shohukin, a wonderland of Japanese produce and snacks.

#01-18, Emporium Shokuhin, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square.


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