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5 Highlights At Seafood Paradise’s New MBS Home

Relocated from Defu Lane, the restaurant retains familiar flavours in an elevated setting

Photo: Seafood Paradise

There’s always a sense of pride when homegrown brands make their presence felt in Singapore’s many luxury destinations.

For Seafood Paradise, its humble beginnings as a seafood restaurant at Defu Lane drew loyal followers who return time and again for its Singaporean-style seafood dishes.

Now, its move to Marina Bay Sands has positioned it alongside several celebrity chef restaurants, where its finesse for quality cuisine and affordable prices continue to attract locals and travelers alike.

As with its early days at Defu Lane, Seafood Paradise offers fresh seafood including live crabs, fish, shellfish and more. The only difference is that new methods of preparation, such as deep-frying fresh flower crabs in a special house blend of spices, have now been added to the menu.

Here are our top five must-tries:

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1. Crispy Kang Kong topped with Cuttlefish in Homemade Seafood Sauce (from $14.80)

As a (sometimes) clueless millennial, I’d mistakenly exclaimed “kale chips” when the dish was served.

Turns out, the Crispy Kang Kong topped with Cuttlefish in Homemade Seafood Sauce is the restaurant’s take on the classic cuttlefish salad so commonly found at zi char establishments.

Instead of steaming the kang kong leaves, they’re individually battered and fried, forming a lovely bed of crunchy greens for the cuttlefish. Once you start dipping the components into the spicy-sweet homemade seafood sauce, you’d wish you never stopped.

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