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4 Soul-Soothing Brunch Items From Plentyfull

Check into this restorative space and treat yourself to food that’s good for you

Plentyfull isn’t your run-of-the-mill brunch spot.

Sitting underneath hanging, macrame laced flower pots, I soon discovered the restorative powers of a beautiful dining locale.

Metres away at a sun-drenched side counter, a baby shower was ongoing. Laughter rippled from the group, as I took in the convivial ambience.

The newly-opened restaurant serves hearty food in a market table luncheon spread by day and transforms into a modern brasserie at night.

Other than offering home-style food that’s good for the soul, there’s also a gourmet grocer in the same space.

We had ourselves a lovely brunch on Saturday and here are five items we loved:

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1. Indonesia Chicken Porridge ($10)

Taking influence from owner Claudia’s heritage, the Indonesian Chicken Porridge is a modern take on her childhood favourite.

The silky-smooth congee is topped with sous vide egg, fried shallots, spring onions and sesame. Dig your spoon a little dipper and you’ll find tender chicken roulades. Yum!

2. Fancy Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich ($16)

To be honest, I was a little disappointed when the Fancy Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich didn’t produce the gooey cheese pull I was expecting it to.

That said, the flavours were delightful. Nicely grilled house-made brioche buns sandwiched the likes of cured ham, smoked cheddar and sriracha mayo. We recommend topping up $3 for their house-smoked bacon.

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