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3 Places Serving Yayoi Kusama-Inspired Treats

From spotted desserts to rainbow cocktails, these gastronomic recreations of Yayoi's works will delight you

The question is, if Yayoi Kusama's art could be eaten, what would they taste like?

While the answer is up to one's creative interpretation, three eateries here have taken a whack at it with their own tantalising versions of her iconic dots, pumpkins and infinity rooms.

To immerse yourself in the whimsical world of the Japanese artist, check out these dining hot spots for your artistic fix.

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Photo: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore 

2. The Fullerton Hotel

From now until 10 July, The Fullerton Hotel is offering a Yayoi Kusama-inspired Afternoon Tea (from $43 per pax) at The Courtyard. Presented in a traditional three-tier set, the tea comes with savoury items and five Kusama-crafted sweets.

Created by Executive Pastry Chef, Enrico Pezzelato, who is also a fan of the iconic artist himself, each of the sweet delights takes after various Kusama’s artworks, such as the mango creameux with buttercream frosting, inspired by the famed Pumpkin sculpture.

Our favourite? The strawberry shortcake, which is sandwiched between two edible artworks of Life in the Heart Of a Rainbow.

1 Fullerton Square

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