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11 Restaurants To Celebrate Mother’s Day With The Queen Of Your Heart

Thank your mum, take her out!

Nothing compares to the massive ordeal mum had to go through just to conceive you. That's not counting the nine months she had to haul you around, like a sack of potatoes hanging off her front, without so much as a whimper of complaint. And let's not get started on your trouble-making adolescent years! While a mother's love will always be unwavering no matter what, let's appreciate her more and treat to something nice this Mother's Day.

Here are some culinary destinations offering special Mother's Day's menu that you can take her to:

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Photo: Le Binchotan 

3. Le Binchotan 

A mother’s presence, hug, arms, kiss, and her all-consuming love have taken a culinary form at Le Binchotan for the Mother’s Day celebration. Offered from 7 to 12 May, the five-course dinner menu ($110 per pax) was thoughtfully put together to honour the different stages of motherhood. Here, endearing aspects such as the maternal tenderness from ‘A Mother’s Love’ course is represented by a lobster and udon dish due to its laborious cooking process, and cherished childhood memories with mum is presented with a semi-freddo ‘lolly’ from ‘A Mother’s Kiss’ dessert offering. To show their love for all mums, the French-Japanese restaurant will gift all these lovely ladies a complimentary cocktail to end the night on a high.

115 Amoy Street, #01-04, Singapore 069935

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