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10 Chinese New Year Snacks Every Chinese Household Should Have

Don’t forget to stock up on these snacks to welcome your guests this Lunar New Year!

House visitings mean feasting on good food and good snacks. Instead of serving the usuals, try stocking up on these snacks instead!

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1. Old Seng Choong Fatt Choy Cookies

Symbolising wealth, the traditional Cantonese dish of 蚝市发财 (Hao Shi Fa Cai – Dried Oysters and Fatt Choy or black moss) is a staple at most celebratory Lunar New Year meals. Buttery and brimming with the umami flavours of quality dried oysters, each black moss-speckled cookie is joy to munch on.

Available at all Old Seng Choong Marina Bay Sands flagship store, outlets islandwide and www.oldsengchoong.com.

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