10 Cool Gym Shoes For All Workouts

They are even stylish enough to wear out just for funsies

These days, it is not so much about staying in shape that requires a range of differing workouts, but also because people get bored when sticking to just one type of exercise. From running on a treadmill to weightlifting at a crossfit class, such workouts not only target different parts of the body, but also keep you reeled in to leading a healthy lifestyle.

But with varying forms of fitness styles may call for the proper footwear. For instance, running may require shoes that cushiony, while weight training needs a pair that offers all the stability you need. So your best bet, and especially to save costs from purchasing multiple pairs of shoes, is to get a pair that complements all sorts of workouts.


Here are 10 recommendations you can consider:

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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 2, $269

Available at all Nike stores and JD Stores.

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