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Your Gift Guide To Picking A Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

Buying him a gift can be as easy as buying an Ice Cream cake from Swensen's or a piece of beautiful luggage from RIMOWA.

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11. NO HAIR CREW Intimate Hair Removal Cream

With a climate as humid as Singapore, it’s inevitable to perspire as you go about your daily routine. Living in a constantly humid climate, bacteria can easily accumulate as heat and sweat get trapped in our body hair, paving the way to certain conditions including body odour. Tell him subtly your preference for a smooth, hair-free physique by introducing him to NO HAIR CREW which specialises in depilatory creams for men. An effective, safe and low-cost solution.

Priced competitively at S$28.80 each, NO HAIR CREW Intimate Hair Removal Cream and Body Hair Removal Cream is available only from www.beautycircus.co.

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