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The Largest Kaiten Sushi From Japan Sushiro Is Finally Here in Singapore!

Have you been waiting for Sushiro to enter Singapore? Well, it is here now! You do not have to fly over to Japan to enjoy them anymore.

If you haven’t already known, Sushiro is the largest kaiten (conveyor-belt) sushi chain from Japan and they sell 1.36 billion plates per year! They are finally opening its first Southeast Asia outlet in Singapore. For that, I must say that we are one of the luckiest countries.

The restaurant is located at Tiong Bahru Plaza and Team Weekender has already gone down for the media preview last week. It is outfitted with a long conveyor belt and it is pretty huge as it can sit up to 162 diners at one go. What makes them stand out from the other conveyor belt is that their belt comes in a two-tiered system. Grab your favorite sushi from the top belt and collect your a la carte orders at the bottom belt.

Freshness and quality are both assured when it comes to Sushiro. All plates come with an electronic tag for their staff to track the plates’ progress and each plate of sushi is only allowed to travel for 350m before they throw it away.

What’s even better? There are more than 100 selections for you to choose from with 90 being sushi dishes. Other dishes include Boiled Snow Crab and Large Scallop. Their plates are priced at a pocket-friendly price of $2.20, $3.20 and $4.80.

As for egg lovers, do not worry as you can also find Chawanmushi with Scallop in the menu. Pay an additional $3.50 to enjoy free-flow drinks.

In conjunction with its opening, they are offering four exclusive sushi at promotional prices: Fatty Tuna ($2.20), Sea Urchin ($4.80), Swordfish ($2.20) and Ark Shell ($2.20). These plates are not limited to 1 per customer, you can enjoy as many plates. Enjoy them before they go out of stock!

Sushiro Singapore is now opened at Tiong Bahru Plaza, #02-118, Singapore 168732. Grab your phone and download the Sushiro App now. Cut the queue by making your reservation through the mobile app. For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/sushirosingapore.