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Are You Ready for a $68,000 Weekend at Al Bait Sharjah?

The weekend getaway at Al Bait Sharjah that costs $68,000 is tantamount to the value of 1.5 kilos of gold. Are you ready for it?

Al Bait Sharjah is located 17km away from Dubai International Airport in UAE. The new weekend getaway package includes accommodation in its signature heritage house, transfer by yacht, custom clothes, edible gold, calligraphy, and other rarefied amenities.

Begin your holiday with a yacht transfer from Dubai with exclusive welcome amenities that include edible, 24 karat gold. And at the dockside, a 1967 Mercedes Pullman (only 304 in the entire world) will transfer you directly to Al Bait Sharjah. It is not every day where you can take a ride in such a rare Mercedes, do not forget to take a picture with it before you alight.

Once you are at the resort, you will be ushered to a fully privatised Bait Al Midfa Heritage House, where the suite will be strewn with flower decorations. You will also notice gold embroidered and initialed wardrobes and slippers to personalised engraved jewelry set from the renowned local designer in the resort’s Jewellery Shop.

Enjoy Al Bait Tray for Two as your first meal once you step into the resort. The meal will be completed with a gold twist, including one of the most expensive desserts in the world adorned in gold and jewels and concocted with the most expensive organic ingredients.

Once done,  enjoy a private, exotic couples spa retreat within the already secluded Heritage House. Depending on your preference, you can choose a treatment either outdoors or in one of the rooms in the spa. However, if the weather condition does not allow you to be out, you will only have the option to use one of the majestic spa rooms.

End your day under the stars watching a suitably romantic film in an outdoor cinema experience in the privacy of the Heritage Courtyard with some gold popcorn or a full-on gastronomic affair if you are still hungry.

If you feel tired, drift into your dreams by lying down on a specially imported, USD $22,000 mattress, which provides two more hours of sleep than a normal bed, a curated breakfast is served out at sea on a yacht. You can also pick up calligraphy in a private class, with gold, at the resort if you wish.

Lunch will be served in the shadow of a hundred-year-old wind tower. Local tailors will arrive and take measurements for a bespoke abaya and kandoora by a famous Arab fashion designer, which will then be shipped to you, anywhere. We are not sure if you can get such services elsewhere.

End the day with a curated dinner picnic on a private island in Sharjah with a private musician and butler service while the sun dips into the horizon. And before you conclude your holiday, enjoy a spiritual awakening ceremony at a private pool with a spot of yoga, followed by a romantic breakfast in the privacy of the Heritage House.

If you want to leave all your stress behind and enjoy a weekend getaway fit for a king, you may want to consider signing up for this holiday.

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