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2017’s Trendiest Halloween Costumes To Wear

Planning to have a fang-tastic halloween?

We have put together the most epic costumes for you to flaunt and get as many Instagram likes as possible this year.

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11, Stranger Things

Dressing up as 11 from Stranger Things is not only super trendy, but also very easy to pull off. With season two of the Netflix hit show set to stream on 27 October, it is only timely to pay ode to the mysterious female protagonist by donning a pink vintage dress found at a thrift store (the Salvation Army is a good place to start) and rocking a blonde wig as seen in the show in 11’s attempt to hide her shaved head. The final touches are to carry a couple of Eggo waffles easily bought at Cold storage, and perhaps a dribble of fake blood down the nostril – a symptom of 11 when she pushes herself using her deadly telekinesis powers.

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