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Gentle Monster Now Offers Little Sunglasses For Kids

Parents, you need to get these shades for your little monsters

Photos: Gentle Monster

Your twinning outfits are now complete up to the level of sunglasses, now that Gentle Monster has created mini kid-sized versions of their 2019 collection ’13’.

It’s the popular Seoul eyewear brand‘s first kids’ collection, finally extending their range of quirky-cool shades to the little monsters. Six different signature designs from ’13’ – Newturtle Red and Green, Peggy, Ribbon, Jackbye, Eastmoon and Chapssal – are now available in kids’ sizes. If you own a grown-up pair for yourself, pick up its tiny counterpart for your mini-me!

From skinny Matrix to cat eye, the styles are retro and fun.

Leading Gentle Monster’s new kids’ shades campaign is none other than eight-year-old Instagram fashion icon Coco (@coco_pinkprincess)! Check out her literally twinning as she rocks the new sunglasses!

Our personal favourite design is the Chapssal, a futuristic trapezoid-shape that adds just a nice amount of eccentric glam if you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself. See Coco sporting it here:

They really are miniaturised replicas of the grown-up versions we loved from the ’13’ collection! Get a closer look at the frames:

1. CHAPSSAL (KIDS) 033, S$238.00

#WeekenderWears: Glasses By Zoff

Geeky is the new sexy

We never understood why bullies would make fun of those who wear glasses. They are such cool accessories that can create an iconic look – think Harry Potter and Tina Belcher! Whether you need to wear them or not, glasses are a unique way to make a fashion statement.

Get into the geek chic trend with Zoff glasses! The leading eyewear chain maker from Tokyo, Japan, offers a wide range of stylish glasses and sunglasses at affordable rates. Since launching in Singapore in 2017, they now have four outlets here. Known for their fast service – you can collect your glasses in as quick as 30 minutes! – Zoff also keeps their quality top-notch.

The Weekender team experienced the great quality and flattering styles for ourselves when we tried on various pairs of Zoff glasses. From a diverse selection of shapes, colours and styles, we each found frames that express our individual personalities and highlight our beautiful features.

Zoff SMART Skinny, in Tortoiseshell Wellington ($228.00)

“I chose these rectangular frames with curved edges since it’s in line with the current trends. Whenever I choose a frame it is mostly for fashion’s sake, and I choose the one that suits my face shape more than anything else.” – Grace

Double Bridge Sunglasses: The Hottest Eyewear Trend You Should Add To Your Look

Frame not just your eyes, but the beautiful contours of your nose, with these 10 shades

Living at the Earth’s equator, we have to step out and brave the sun’s glare almost every day. Besides sunscreen, a pair of stylish sunglasses is a must-have accessory to get you ready for the day. Of course, a pair of sunglasses isn’t simply useful in blocking out the sun’s UV rays from harming your eyes – it is also a fashion statement, a necessary and beloved frame for any celebrity to give any outfit an added element of cool. So what types of sunglasses are trending this year?




Marc Jacobs

Whether they cater more to men or women, almost all the designer brands are crazy about double bridge sunglasses right now. The double bridge style isn’t new; in fact, it’s a classic and retro feature a la aviators. But the shades out there today are not like the ones we’ve seen in the past. This year, the double bridge sunglasses come in various sizes and shapes – some are rounder, while some have kooky edges. Even the star element, the double bridge bar between the two frames, comes in more creative curves and thickness now, so you can choose a frame that suits the shape of your face better. The magic of the double bridge design is that it makes your nose bridge look sharper, giving you a touch of power and elegance.

We’ve put together 10 of the most chic pairs of double bridge shades you should try, then get ready to command every room you enter!

Fendi FF0325S, $635

Embrace The Latest Fashion Trend By Rocking These 5 Pairs Of Matrix Sunglasses

These tiny sunglasses have made a huge fashion comeback

While we won’t be bending over backwards to avoid darting bullets, we will definitely start embracing the resurgence of the Matrix sunglasses trend that can be traced back to the 90s.

The name of the trend originated from the mind-boggling blockbuster film The Matrix, where characters Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus paired their uniforms of floor-grazing trench coats and combat boots with itsy-bitsy sunglasses.

Fast-forward to 2017, fashion house Balenciaga is said to be behind the return of this viral eyewear trend when the brand was the first to send down models touting the Matrix sunglasses during its Fall 2017 show. And like a forest fire, the trend swiftly caught on where the biggest and most-followed stars like the Hadid sisters, Kendall Jenner and Rihana, began to dress like a scene straight from a Matrix reboot.

Tiny, futuristic and usually angular, the Matrix sunglasses are so small that the function of shielding your eyes from harmful sun rays is defeated. But nevermind that. Just as long you look cool, we’re set.

So here are five of these trendy sunglasses you can consider getting:

Prada PR 64US ZVN 4O0, $550

Available at Prada Boutiques.

5 Sunglasses Frames You Should Know About

Your face shape plays an important aspect of choosing the correct pair of shades

Not just to block out the sun, a pair of sunglasses, when chosen correctly, frames the face really nicely and can act as a self-expression of your style. Here are five frames you should know about before getting one.

Cara Delevingne
Photo:  Source 

1. Aviator sunglasses

Suitable Face Shape: Heart, Square and Oval

Aviator sunglasses, or “pilot’s glasses”, were originally developed in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb for pilots to protect their eyes while flying, thus the name aviator. These scallop-type colour lens caught the attention of the fashion industry since the beginning and had become mainstream since.

Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB3025 Polarized Sunglasses,$280
Available at zalora.sg

4 Easy Ways To Style Retro Round Sunnies

Take your cue from model Kendall Jenner and Korean heart throb Jin Goo

By Lynn Yang, Photos: Shanghai Tang; @kendalljenner/Instagram

Spotted on the likes of model Kendall Jenner and Korean heart throb Jin Goo, round frame sunnies are truly having their moment in the sun.

Not only are they great for channeling a playful and laid back style, round frames also hint of retro vibes a la John Lennon.

The next time you shop for sunglasses , you might want to consider adding a pair of round frames to your collection.

Here are four easy, breezy ways to style them:

1. Sport short sleek hair

Don’t have long mane to show off? Not to worry, Kendall Jenner shows you how you can sport short sleek hair and pull off round frames at the same time for street style perfection. With the frames being such a statement-making accessory, all you need is a slick of nude lip colour to complete the look.