#TheBeautyCut: Products To Try This Christmas

This season is also an annual bloodbath for cosmetics brands to show off their holiday collections

So where to begin? How about starting with the list we curated for you, featuring our festive picks of lifestyle,  beauty and makeup products to get for your bff or yourself!

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2. Serge Lutens Dent de Lait$280

“Now weary of the tongue’s games which have for weeks on end been loosening its tooth, a young wolf is anxious to move on from milk to blood.” The newest fragrance to debut under Serge Lutens is Dent de Lait, which translates to “Milk Teeth”. Notes include almond milk, coconut, incense, heliotrope and a slight metallic note. Dent de Lait is reminiscent of the innocence of childhood with its initial milky softness, but hints at the loss of it (symbolised by the metallic taste of blood).

Available at at Escentials Paragon, Escentials Tangs and Tangs Vivo City.

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