Our Lives Were Made Better After Downloading These 7 Apps In Our Smartphones

Some are old, some are new

With hundreds of thousands of apps out in the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store, it has become a growing challenge to suss out apps that are not only useful, but also easy to use. These apps either make our lives more convenient, organised or shake up the way we lead our daily lives. After downloading and trying a long list of applications, here are some of our favourites that we feel will make your lives better!

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Gone are the days when you have to note the time of your watch before carefully tearing out the purple or orange bits from your paper parking coupon. With PARKING.SG, you are now able to pay your short-term parking charges with just your mobile phone at all existing coupon-based public car parks. On top of that, you can also extend your parking timing on the go without needing to return and tear the next slip of coupon. With this new electronic way to pay for your parking, you can even obtain refunds if you end your parking session earlier than expected. Just follow the steps below and you are good to go!


Step 1: Select the carpark you have parked at with the respective carpark codes
Step 2: Indicate your car plate number
Step 3: Select your parking duration
Step 4: Start your parking session and pay with a credit or debit card
Step 5: Extend your session if you have to
Step 6: Click to get a refund if you return to your lot before the time expires

Available for download on iOS and Android

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