Our Lives Were Made Better After Downloading These 7 Apps In Our Smartphones

Some are old, some are new

With hundreds of thousands of apps out in the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store, it has become a growing challenge to suss out apps that are not only useful, but also easy to use. These apps either make our lives more convenient, organised or shake up the way we lead our daily lives. After downloading and trying a long list of applications, here are some of our favourites that we feel will make your lives better!

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Photo: RAD VHS


Another application popular among millennials that has been dominating social media platforms is RAD VHS– a video app that allows users to recreate recordings with a vintage touch. To increase the video’s legitimacy, RAD VHS even lets users add a time and date stamp at the corner of each video, simulating how clips from an old video recorder will seem like in post-production. As users can play with the orientation of videos, those who record in portrait mode can conveniently upload them onto Instagram. For those who have already shot their clips and just wish to add a filter over them, RAD VHS also allows users to import previously taken videos, creating a montage for you and your friends to relive those memorable occasions.

Available for download on iOS

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