Japanese Beauty Brand THREE Finally Lands In Singapore And Here Are 5 Products We Love

From cleansing oil to glossy lipsticks, the Japanese brand follows a holistic philosophy that your skin will love

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Considering the fact that the Japanese cult beauty brand THREE is already offered in countries including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan, we're a little miffed that the wait has been this long before its sought-after range is available in Singapore.

But the soreness has since passed and we welcome the Japanese brand's first outlet here on our island. The debut store is also the first to offer Three Rhythm Spa, a customised face and body massage ritual that stimulates the body's biological rhythm. A little birdy told us that if you spent $280 worth of THREE products, you'll get to luxuriate in the spa for free!

If you're new to THREE, know that its desirability stems from the brand's holistic approach of using natural and wholesome ingredients in its products. Backed by science and technology, the brand's skincare and makeup line is filled with the likes of essential oils, botanical oils and waters, and plant extracts that are sure to pamper your skin. And because THREE is a Japanese brand, expect its makeup colours to be complementary to the Asian skin.

Available on the fourth floor of Tangs at Tang Plaza, THREE has brought in its slew of best-selling skincare and makeup products (there's even a haircare range!) for all you beauty junkies to slap on. Here are just five products of the lot we love:

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Velvet Lust Lipstick, $48

You’ll be spoilt for choice when picking a favourite out of the 19-piece line of THREE’s Velvet Lust Lipstick. Also infused with botanical oils, the lippy glides on smoothly with its velvety texture, leaving your lips glossy and thoroughly moisturised.

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